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Web Services - SOAP

Note: SOAP web services, including Webshop, are being deprecated in readiness for Cyclos 4.x early 2016

We use Cyclos server software,, and this has a number of web services built in which you can use for the following:

  • Payment - generate a standard payment.
  • WebShop - this is functionality similar to PayPal where you can create a widget that will take payments on an ecommerce website by getting members to make payments via the Cyclos system. It provides a secure mechanism where the web shop can define the transaction data and initiate the payment but does not have access to member authentication data and payment confirmation. More info here
  • Members - Allow searching for members, and retrieving data from a given member. Also allows member registration and manipulation of profile fields.
  • Account - This web service allows retrieving information for a member account, including status (balances, limits...) and account history (credits and debits) for a given member account.
  • Point of Sale (POS) - This services allows the creation of a POS device that can make and receive payments as well as perform chargebacks and retrieve transactions for an account.

A full list of the web services available can be found here

More general Cyclos Web Service Documentation:

We can help you implement any of these and can advise on the best use for your particular requirements, contact our Technical Team at