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Web Services - REST

They are not just a different format than the SOAP web services, but also a different approach. In Cyclos, SOAP web services require a web service client to be configured (through the Settings menu), which will allow access to an specific IP address and have a separate set of permissions. The REST services, in the other hand, don't control access by IP address, but require an specific member to be authenticated.

The services use the same permissions as that member would have in Cyclos web application.The original use case for the REST services is the mobile application, where a member logs in the application and performs operations directly on Cyclos. The REST api was chosen because it is easier for the mobile application than SOAP. However, there is no limitation of which application can use the REST services.

Currently Bristol Pound is using Cyclos v3.7.x and the RES web services are listed here

From early 2016, we will upgrade to Cyclos v4.5.x where there is a more extensive interface, full details

Example: The Official Bristol Pound App

The Bristol Pound App was successfully launched to the public early last year, thanks to Pocket Intelligence, a Bristol based entrepreneurial IT firm that got behind us and created the App to support local businesses.  

We now have a new version which now means you can view your current balance and your recent transactions in real time on your phone using our Cyclos API.

You can also now make instant "online" payments when you have wi-fi but no mobile signal, and for better integration with the iPhone - no more waiting for that SMS response.