Bristol Pound

Developer Area

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not listed below or need technical support then please contact our Technical Team,

What software do you use for online payments?

We use Cyclos, as the server system to process payments, it is mature and is used by many currencies worldwide.

Do you have terms of service that we need to adhere to when using the API?

Yes we do, you can read them here,

Do you have a test server we can use before going live?

Yes all integrations use our test server initially until we are all happy that the integration is working as expected and with no problems.

How do I get access to the API, what information do I need to provide?

You just need to contact our Technical Team at, with details on who you are and what requirements you have. To access any of the SOAP services we will also need an IP address.

Are there any types of integrations that you will not allow?

The API is provided to promote our £B traders and to help our members use the currency effectively. If you simply want to access the trader database to spam them with details of your product and services, then we would say no, I'm sure you can understand!

Help - I want to use this API but have no programming expertise!

We can build integrations for you at competitive rates so if you do not have access to any developers, contact us with your requirements.