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Bristol Pound Trader Directory API

The £B trader directory has a large number of traders in the Bristol area, they are all independent businesses with a particular commitment to sustainable/ethical sourcing.This API gives you access to this data to develop applications to promote these businesses.

Please note that when using the Bristol Pound Business Directory API, you agree to be bound by the API Terms of Service.

The API consists a series of URLs, for example /traders which developers can use to access the directory data via Http GET or POST requests. Data is returned in JSON format by default, and further formats may be available at later dates.

Getting an API Key

Before gaining access to this data you will need to be supplied with an API key, to get one please contact our Technical Team at, stating how you would like to use this data. All requests to the data need to have this key as a parameter for data to be returned.

Method - Get Traders

The main access method is /traders which returns the list of traders currently in the directory.

Where XXXX is your API key. This will return the full list in JSON format with the following fields

  • name : business name
  • address: full address including postcode
  • address1: address component
  • address2: address component
  • address3: address component
  • address4: address component
  • postcode: postcode
  • website: business website url
  • logo: link to image for business logo
  • directoryurl: business page on Bristol Pound website
  • telephone: business contact telephone number
  • email: business contact email
  • facebook: full url including http://
  • twitter: just the @username
  • linkedin: full url including http://
  • description: short text description
  • keywords: searchable keywords
  • txt2pay: 1 if business can accept text payments, 0 otherwise
  • txt2payname: username for business for the TXT2PAY service
  • accesspoint: 1 if business operates as an access point, 0 otherwise
  • discount: text describing gnereal £B discount
  • specialoffertitle: special offer headline
  • specialofferlink: full link to further info about special offer
  • specialoffer: full special offer details
  • longitude: longitude for business location to use in mapping
  • latitude: latitude for business location to use in mapping
  • categories: array of category ids, see categories below

The list of traders returned can be filtered by keyword or by business category, examples:

The filters can be combined, for example:

The keyword filter does a keyword search on the business name and address

The category filter selects businesses in that category, a list of current categories can be obtained using the method below.

Method - Get Categories

To obtain the current list of available business categories for the traders in the directory use the method below.

The id value returned corresponds to the categories array of ids returned by the traders method.

Where XXXX is your API key. This will return the full list in JSON format with the following fields

  • id : category id
  • category : name of category
  • traders: number of businesses currently in that category

Method - Last Update

To obtain the last modified date for the traders in the directory use the method below, this may be useful if you are caching data.

This will return the last modified date for traders and offers, it doesn't currently reflect changes in categories.

Where XXXX is your API key. This will return the full list in JSON format with the following fields

  • lastmodified : date in format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss

Further Information

For feedback, suggestions or further information please contact Technical Team at