Bristol Pound

Developer Area

Accessing the £B Application Programming Interface (API)

We want you to be able to make the most out of using the Bristol Pound (£B), so to help you we have made available a number of ways to access our data and services and integrate them into your own business.

Using our API you can access our business directory, search for types of businesses and services, check your £B account, take £Bs payments in your online shop or business point of sale device, plus many more applications.

When using these services we can support you all through the process with any help you may need. We also offer advice on the best way to proceed for your particular business or requirements. Have a look at the list of possibilities below, and if you have any questions or need support then please contact our Technical Team,

Please note that when using any aspect of the Bristol Pound API, you agree to be bound by the API Terms of Service.

Accessing the £B Trader Directory

The Bristol Pound trader directory has around 800 traders in the Bristol area, they are all independent businesses with a particular commitment to sustainable/ethical sourcing.This API gives you access to this data to develop applications to promote these businesses.

You can use this data to display nearby £B traders on a map, get TXT2PAY user names or to display special offers, business types etc... Using this API means the data in your application will always be up to date.

For example, Pedro Lamas has created a Windows Phone app that gives users the ability to search businesses and to make TXT2PAY payments quickly and easily, you can download it here:

For full details on accessing our £B Trader Directory, click here.

Web Shop - Online Payments

This service is an simple way for developers to access the payment system for the £B and integrate taking online payments in an ecommerce shop for example.

It uses a simple SOAP interface to prompt the user for their username and password to take a payment and supports call backs to your shop so you can process orders effectively.

This can be achieved by just a few lines of code and examples are available.

For full details on the Web Shop interface, click here.

Web Services - SOAP

In addition to the Web Shop service above we also offer a wider range of web services that you can use to access £B account information such as balances and transaction history, as well as being able to take payments.

This gives you the flexibility to develop different applications to suit your particular needs, for example the Watershed used them to develop a £B point of sales device that they use take payments quickly and efficiently, you can read more about it here

For full details of the web services available, click here.

Web Services - REST

They are not just a different format than the SOAP web services, but also a different approach. In Cyclos, SOAP web services require a web service client to be configured (through the Settings menu), which will allow access to an specific IP address and have a separate set of permissions. The REST services, in the other hand, don't control access by IP address, but require an specific member to be authenticated.

The services use the same permissions as that member would have in Cyclos web application.The original use case for the REST services is the mobile application, where a member logs in the application and performs operations directly on Cyclos. The REST api was chosen because it is easier for the mobile application than SOAP. However, there is no limitation of which application can use the REST services.

For full details of the REST web services available, click here.

API News - What else are we are working on...

We are now offering REST web services which will take a different approach to the SOAP services above (which are still supported). These are particularly suited to mobile applications as they rely on individual member authentication rather than access being controlled by an IP address (like the SOAP version).

Currently in testing is our upgrade to Cyclos 4.x, we are due to complete this process in early 2016 and will then support the full Cyclos 4.x API, you can view details of these web services here.

Also in the pipeline and available very soon is a "PayPal" type payment system which will allow website owners to integrate shopping by £Bs into their website simply by adding a few lines of html code - no development skills required! Watch this space for updates.

For full details of the current REST web services available, click here.

Note: SOAP web services, including Webshop, are being deprecated in readiness for Cyclos 4.x early 2016

We are developing new functionality all the time so let us know if you would like to be kept up to date with new features as they become available, or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve these services.